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16 May 2011

There are over sixteen thousand groups on Freerice (at the time of writing this blog post). While those with the most members or grains raised often get attention, today we wanted to highlight some of the wackiest, most wonderful groups:

Superhero Fans against Hunger:
According to the group creator, "With moderate power comes moderate responsibility..." The Freerice Team agrees. We all have the power to make a difference, over 4.6 million people will eat thanks to the players of Freerice. The Superhero Fans against Hunger have managed to raise over 1.7 million grains! Do superhero fans have super intellectual powers?

Nerds against hunger:
This is a group that will make any self-confessed nerd out there feel proud (that includes every member of the Freerice Team). Nerds Against Hunger have managed to raise a whopping 21 million grains of rice. It has over 4,000 member but we know there are millions of proud nerds in the world. If you know a nerd, send them the link to the group and invite them to play. They'll thank you for it! Otherwise, 'fess up and join the group yourself.

This group may have only one member, however, Rocketchess has managed to raise over 10,000 grains of rice. We say: "That's not procrastination, that's time well spent"!

Cats Against Hunger:
It's well known that cats and kittens, in fact all things cute and fury, are popular online. However, cat lovers of this world have raised over 800,000 grains of rice. What would the members of Dog Lovers say to that?

... this is possibly one of the most unusual groups on Freerice. However, before you snigger at the name, take note that the Diaper Lovers of this world have raised over 1.1 million grains of rice for the world's hungry!

Freerice is maintained by and supports the United Nations World Food Programme, the world's largest humanitarian organisation fighting hunger worldwide. To find out more go to

Tue, 07/26/2011 - 16:50 cooladi

what is the person who has the rank

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 00:23 onericeatatime

I have a question do tosh guys have a rice farm?

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 18:47 ramguy2014

How about Banana Warriors Fighting World Hunger (Through the use of Laser Guided Vocabulary)? It's unique in that it only does vocab subjects!

Wed, 06/08/2011 - 05:10 GamerQ

I was gonna do like Procrastination and just be by myself and try to do something i never have done before ha... but did not is that Procrastinating or is it just cause someone joined my group haha? But good job though Rocketchess.

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 00:19 FKate

Free rice says there are 48 grains to a gram. So 1 million grains = 20,833 grams = 45.9 pounds of rice. Also it takes 400 grams = 19,200 grains to feed a person for a day. So 1 million grains feeds 52 people for a day or closing in towards feeding two people for a month. Congratulations all of you who have hit the one million mark! I'm hoping to hit half a million in another couple weeks or so.

Sat, 05/28/2011 - 05:13 lmentzel

I just hit the 1,000,000 mark and am wondering how many pounds of rice that would equal.

Fri, 05/27/2011 - 17:49 monsterwholovescookies

why isn't amazing flying karma squirells up there? :< put them up there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri, 05/27/2011 - 10:35 Team_Freerice_admin

@nattfeen You're spot on - "Amazing Flying Karma Squirrels" definitely makes the cut for wacky groups.
We're duly sharing the link here for other Freericers:

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 18:13 nattfeen

How did "Amazing Flying Karma Squirrels" not get on this list? It's not a big group, but that's a way wackier name.

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 01:35 Multiplication Ruler

I now have 300,000 grains! But since I'm not starting my own group (read earliest comment), check out the groups I have now!

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 01:27 Multiplication Ruler

The Diaperlovers link from this page doesn't work. So, open the link in a new tab, and, on the web bar, remove the extra "h". Or, just search for Diaperlovers in the "Groups" section.

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 04:57 SWARM

what about weirdos of the universe

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 03:44 NikkiM2011

How many grains of rice equal a pound(16 ounces)? It would be nice to know how many pounds of rice are donate also.

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 03:09 jkmf

What about members that can't get ranked at all? Why can't we have a group for them. I log in daily since Mar 4, 2011 and already WOULD be ranked between 396-397. There are about 16 members in all that don't get to be ranked. How 'bout a Non-Ranked members org?

Tue, 05/17/2011 - 23:08 vijaydey

join the group, the amazing asian invasion to feed the 1 out of 7 hungry people in the world!

The Amazing Asian Invasion is a much whackier name than all of those

Tue, 05/17/2011 - 02:04 Multiplication Ruler

I could get on this article if I started my own group and did not invite anyone! I have donated 299,440 grains, and I'm heading to 300,000 grains!!!

Mon, 05/16/2011 - 23:44 Thantophobe

Aw, they should have done mine. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but mine is wackier than all of these.

Other guy: Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but (takes out air horn and blasts it)

Also, dogs are better than cats. Just sayin'.

Mon, 05/16/2011 - 22:37 prianka_saha

How many members are there on Freerice ????? :)

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