Thanks to word-of-mouth, Freerice is a well-known and well-played game with over a million registered players.

And, together, we have raised enough rice to feed millions of people. With over 2 billion people active online today, imagine what we could achieve if we all took time to "rice up" against hunger?

Here are some fun tools to help you share us.


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online game to end hunger

online game to end hunger

online game to end hunger online game to end hunger

Online game to end hunger


Print a poster or a customised flyer: Click on your choice, right click to save the image, print it. The flyers include blank space to add your own info!
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Did you know... Hunger kills more people every year than Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. Learn more about hunger here


Get your students involved: We have many teachers and schools registered on Freerice. To find out how to register your class go to If you create your own lesson plans or creative, please share it with us?
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Wear it on your sleeve: We have plenty of Freerice merch for you to choose from at the Freerice shop. Currently these items are priced as low as possible, and do not raise additional funds for meals. Please feel free to submit designs for us to include in the shop?

Thank you for helping us to raise much needed rice! Together we stand a chance of ending hunger worldwide.